Non-Vegetarian* Classic Curries

Saag Chicken

280g ℮ 10.6oz ( Serves 2 )

Sharma’s Saag Chicken, is made with a preparation of chicken surrounded by a spiced Tomato & Spinach Gravy, featuring rich flavors.

With no artificial flavors, this product is 100% Natural.

🌶 Spice Level : Medium (3/5)


Onion, Chicken, Tomato, Spinach, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Ghee, Cream, Yogurt, Ginger, Salt, Spices


Instructions of Use

Sharma’s Ready To Eat Curries are fully cooked, meaning they can simply be heated and consumed, without any extra preparation.


The following are our two recommended methods for use:


a. Transfer the contents of the pouch into a microwave safe bowl.

Microwave on high power for 1-2 minutes & serve hot.


b. Immerse the inner unopened pouch in Boiling Water for about 5 minutes.

Remove, Cut, Open, and serve hot.


Dimensions :

  • Unit 150x190x20mm
  • Tray 155x195x225mm
  • Master Carton 315x205x230mm

Material :

  • Pouch – Retort cast, Multi-layered pouch, Made in Japan.
  • Box – White-back, 350 gsm Mono-Cartons, with Double Side Laminate (to add strength), packed via automated Hot Glue Packing Machine. Perforations at the top for hassle-free unboxing.

*All Sharma’s products are Certified Halal
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Non-Vegetarian Classic Curries
Non-Vegetarian Classic Curries

Sharma's brings you the only Internationally available authentic experience of classic non-vegetarian curries in retort form!

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