Frozen Fresh Mitthai


500g ℮ 12oz | 10 Pieces | Gluten Free

Traditional Indian confectionery made of chickpea flour.

With no artificial flavors, this product is 100% Natural.

Instructions of Use

Sharma’s Frozen Fresh Authentic Indian Mitthai
can be consumed in the following ways :

1. Room Temperature
Remove tray from freezer. Leave at Room Temperature for around 50-60 minutes or more, depending on required softness.
(Use within 5 days)

2. Refrigerator
Remove Tray from freezer. Place in refigerator (4 C) overnight.
(Use within 15 days if stored in refigerator)

3. Microwave
Remove Tray from freezer.
Partially remove lidding film on one end, and microwave on high power settings for around 40-60 seconds. Leave at room temperature for 5 minutes before consumption.
(Use within 5 days)

Note : Heating time may be different depending on oven wattage. Store in a dry and cool place after thawing.

Coming Soon!

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Frozen Fresh Mitthai
Frozen Fresh Mitthai

Our Frozen Fresh Range now features traditional Indian Sweets (or Mitthai).
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