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A word from our Visionary Leader

“In the 90’s, I lived a very different life. I came to Japan in the year 1995, as an Electronics and Communication Engineer with expertise on Database Design & Management. I had over 8 years of work experience at TCS, Credit Lyonnais, and Goldman Sachs.
Japan was different in those days. As an Indian coming from a vegetarian background, and having been raised on staple Indian foods, my family found it painstakingly difficult to gain access to even the most basic meals that we knew and loved. No amount of access, could reconnect us with our heritage. As as we approached the end of 1999, and the close of a Millennia, I had a vision.
I envisioned a Japan, where my fellow Indians and I could enjoy a full meal of Indian Food in the comfort of our homes;
So my journey began. I studied the Import Industry, designed my business model, left my job, raked in all my capital, and with the blessings of our then small community, I founded an Indian Food marketing company “IDC Foods Inc.” in the year 2000. We also established Japan’s first online Indian Shopping Service, which has since become a household name across the country.
We became one of the biggest Exclusive Importer & Distributor for the most popular Indian brands, and have since branched out into the Hotel/Hospitality Industry, catering to all of our fellow South Asians. Now, as we enter the 2020’s, nearly 20 years after the initial dream, we are walking into the world of Manufacturing, harnessing our years of experience in the Indian Food Industry, and with the state-of-the-art Tech of Japan!
We are a company born from a passionate desire to uplift the many Indians of Japan, away from home, and seeking a sense of familiarity. We are that familiarity, and our community is our family. Our Sharma’s Brand is an extension of our dream, and we want to share what we have, not just with Japan, but now with the rest of the world. It makes us proud to be the First Large Scale Indian Manufacturer in Japan, and it makes us prouder that we can now serve Indians across the Globe! We have only come this far, with your undying love and support, and we are grateful to our community.”
-Yogesh Sharma, Founder


‘IDC Foods INC.

Is founded.’

Yogesh Sharma founds Indian Food Marketing Company ‘IDC Foods’.


‘Indojin Dot Com Goes Live!’

The First Ever Indian Online Store in Japan is launched, finally making Indian Staple Foods available to Indians all across Japan.

‘IDC Foods Introduces

MTR Foods.’

IDC Foods Introduces MTR Foods To The Japanese Market.



 is launched,