Gravies for Institutional Use

Makhani Gravy

1kg ℮ 35.2oz (For Institutional Use)


Sharma’s Makhani Gravy is a Mild base that can be used to prepare your curries, in conjunction with the other Sharma’s gravies to make something truly delicious!

Our gravies are currently being used at Restaurants, Cafeterias/Canteens, Catering Services, as well as Live Functions and Events!

Packed in 1kg Retort Packs, they promote reduction in wastage, and allow for easy storage.

🌶 Spice Level : Mild (1/5)

*All Sharma’s products are Certified Halal
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Base Gravy
Base Gravy?

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Makhani Gravy

1kg ℮ 35.2oz | Spice Level : Mild

Yellow Gravy

1kg ℮ 35.2oz | Spice Level : Medium

Chopped Masala

1kg ℮ 35.2oz | Spice Level : Medium

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Instructions For Use

Check out our YouTube Instructional video to find out if the Gravies are right for your organization!

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